12 Signs You're Most Definitely A Pluviophile

You respond to the sound of rain in the same way pets do to treats. Back is suddenly straight and you look outside with hope that it just might be raining. So you watch people squealing with curiosity. What does getting wet really do to you that’s so bad anyway? You sometimes forget the details in your eagerness to be outside. At some point in your life, you *will* forget that you’re wearing a white outfit and black underwear. You ask your friends to go for a walk “because it’s raining!” Many

6 Ways to Make a Small Room Feel Bigger

If there’s one thing the UK could do with more of it’s space. We’re a fraction of the size of the US yet we still pack in 64 million people. That’s more than the entire population of California, Nevada, Utah and the State of New York on a land mass that is half the size of just California. This naturally equates to much smaller living spaces with the average new house size in the UK being 818 feet squared (the US is 2,164 for comparison) and they’re actually shrinking as time goes on. Of cours

No Pain, No Gain? Keeping Fit with Tietze syndrome

I know that almost all gyms and fitness instructors have long-since moved away from the die-hard dedication to “No pain, no gain” but it can still be a psychological issue for someone with a chronic pain condition. Depending on what parts of you are affected or what triggers you might have, physical exercise can be limited to the extreme. In a previous post I mentioned how, when my condition was at its worst, I was unable to breath deeply at all. I couldn’t swim, run, anything that would involv

How Do You Deal With Your Bra Buying Issues?

Five friends chat about their very different bra buying issues, which brands they avoid and which brands help... Breasts are everywhere, all sizes and shapes and each with their own supportive needs. Most likely, you're wearing some support yourself right now, but are you getting exactly what you need? I spoke to a group of women ranged from the petite to the well-endowed. Reanne, Daisy, Lauren and Sian all know the frustration of getting the right-sized bra. Here are their stories: Problems W